10 ways to play on a playground balance beam

Balancing beams act as sensory outlets which are amazing for all kids. They provide stability, body awareness and balancing of the body. In addition, they engage the muscles involved during the act of balancing. Balancing beams are regarded as an outdoor activity for relocating bodies in the natures playground which brings about a calming effect on our bodies. This outdoor activity brings about fresh air and other sensory aspects of nature which usually turn a bad day to a good day.  Balancing in the beams is actually an outdoor activity that requires no preparation and requires just a little planning. Balancing beams occur naturally almost in each and every area in the world and they act as simple activities for kids that make the kids active. Examples of natural balancing beams include fallen logs and driveways and sidewalks all act as natural balancing beams. This article looks at different ways to play using balance beams which are discussed in detail below. How to play using balance beams usually depends on the moods of the toddlers, at times it is just a matter of how long the kid can walk in the balancing beams without tipping off. Other times kids cover a long distance as they can speeding all along and jumping off the balance beam can also be termed as a fun activity for the kids using balance beams. The possibilities of playing with balance beams are just endless. Below are some of the ideas that can get your kids started with playing with balance beams and enjoying the play to the fullest! The activities include:

  1. Walking without falling off in the balance beams
  2. Walking backwards without tipping off in the balance beams
  3. Speeding up all through while walking through the balance beams
  4. Hoping up all along in the balance beams without falling
  5. Determining the distance you can jump from the point you start in the balance beam.
  6. Determining the number of steps covered during walking in the balance beam.
  7. Practicing special steps such as the heel-to-toe in the balance beam
  8. Standing using one leg in the balance beams
  9. Following each other in the balance beams
  10. Pretending you are walking a tightrope all the way up.

The list of activities you can be involved using balancing beams is just endless. One of the best facts about these activities is that they ensure the kids develop the ability to balance and gain motor skills. So it can be concluded that all the above activities using balancing beams are really engaging and act as fun for the kids since one can create variations of these activities.