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What will be the big B2B lead gen trends in 2019?

Three major shifts are expected in digital lead generation in 2019. As the New Year begins and progresses, businesses will focus on specific tactics and strategies to win more prospects and increase their volume of sales.

The Cold Call: The cold call is expected to return but it is more advanced and supported by a robust strategy and massive data to ensure it works. In essence, the traditional cold call will now be a “warm call.” The call will target both potential customers and sales teams. The number of marketing messages received by business folk each day is also expected to increase significantly.

In an era when many businesses focus on digital marketing strategies, a firm can stand out by focussing more on traditional strategies like using pop-bys, personal emails, and phone calls. However, the traditional marketing strategies have been improved by tracking them after opens, being logged in the CRM and being measured for efficiency. The tested and practical tactics work better when used along with the new-era analytics. The relationship matters most in B2B tech marketing. Lead development efforts work better when clear relationships exist. A time has come for businesses to consider investing in BDR or personal relationship and outreach techniques beyond in-bound and SEO techniques.

Video Content: Serious players in the filed have now identified the secret behind using video content. A blog was one of the most valued strategies a few years ago, but the video is now used as one of the leading strategies for influencing marketing content. Video content is expected to gain more engagement and attention as the leading brands continue to invest more into the video content segment. Businesses have no other option but to embrace the new shift and live it out. Learning and mastering how to communicate in an auditory and visual medium is another practical way of attracting more prospects. Video content has been identified as a practical digital lead generation strategy. Most businesses have continued to invest in this marketing segment despite the fact that it is costlier. High-quality content guarantees higher conversion rates.

Blogs also need to be fantastic and great You also need to ensure your other channels of engagement like email newsletters and podcasts are great to win more customers. The video content needs to be better than the email and blog campaigns you have been using before. If you spend lots of money chasing your prospects, you may fail to get the expected returns.

The Experience: Event and experiential marketing will dominate the B2B marketing space in 2019. The experience in marketing funnels will assist to gather and shape contacts and to supplement the trade show marketing strategies. First, in-person events will increase and target more personas and buying groups. This will happen more on the expert service industries that will use more time and space as a marketing venue for helping to position value to the potential buyer. This will probably work for you if your customers decide to exploit the trust and localisation benefits.

Localisation will help service companies to establish a “showroom experience” for their services and products. They have to demonstrate that their businesses add value to prospective workers. Trust is quite hard for firms trying to articulate outside the personal engagement. Events are typically relational and that makes them ideal opportunities for creating trust. Second, it is occurring through the utilisation of more web-casted or live video seminars and conferences. This will borrow lots of motivation from the real-world conferences and will be effective than the ordinary webinars. The three shifts in digital lead generation trends will greatly revolutionise the B2B marketing strategies.